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World Diabetes Day

Raising Awareness for World Diabetes Day

The purpose of this day is to raise awareness of a condition that millions of people all around the world live with every day.

Essentially, diabetes is about the body’s ability (or lack of it) to produce the required amount of a hormone called insulin to control glucose levels in the blood. There are broadly two types of diabetes:

  • Type 1 which requires daily administration of artificial insulin, usually by means of injection because the body fails to produce insulin on its own

  • Type 2 which is generally more linked to age onset and can be managed by a combination of dietary control and medication in the form of tablets, because the body fails to produce enough insulin on its own. Type 2 diabetics can also progress to injecting insulin on a daily basis, if there is not enough control with diet and tablets

It’s very important that people with diabetes maintain good control of their condition to help reduce and avoid long term complications, and there have been huge advances in this area over recent years helping people with the condition live as normal a life as possible.

Further information is available using the following link:

Ellie’s (ubu team member) story below is a great example of how she raised awareness and funds with support from her Mum Linda (also ubu team member)

The walk of the Roses Challenge

Most people are familiar with The Three Peaks plus walking to and climbing Pendle Hill. However, Ellie had always heard from her Dad how he had completed “A Peak Too Far' Feeling inspired and rising to the challenge, Ellie agreed with her Godfather they would rise to the challenge, starting at Tosside, where you can have one foot in Yorkshire and one foot in Lancashire.

As her Mum and Dad both suffer with diabetes, Ellie decided to combine the challenge with raising money and awareness for Diabetes UK.

They started in Tosside at midnight, touching the memorial in the centre and whilst initially feeling excited but nervous about the journey ahead, Ellie described how it was beautiful walking at night and having the bright moon and stars above them. They walked to Settle and arrived at 4am at Penyghent (the first of the three peaks), where the stunning view was a real boost to them.

Describing how when the sun came up there was a beautiful layer of fog, the scenery looked heavenly, as they continued to the Second and Third Peaks of Whernside and Ingleborough. Whilst most people would normally finish there and her Godfather needed to end his walk, Ellie was undeterred and continued to the 4th trig point on top of Pendle Hill arriving at 11.55pm on Saturday 23 June 2018, just under 24 hours from when they started.

Continuing to the starting point at Tosside, Ellie appreciated the support Mum and Dad gave by driving alongside her to ensure she was safe, not to mention support from her boyfriend and brother, who took turns to walk with her.

In total Ellie completed 76 MILES! (about 175,000 steps) finishing at 5am Sunday 24th June and raised £120 for Diabetes UK

The walk has now appeared in a book and Ellie and her Dad really hope that other will be inspired to try The Walk of the Roses...and remember you must start and finish in Tosside.


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