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We’re all about enabling people to be the best they can be

Yes, we support the people we serve in so many ways, but first, we listen to the things that are most important to every individual, equipped with this knowledge; we act, ensuring our support fits perfectly and delivers the right solution to improve and enrich the lives of all those we serve.

For many, the desire is to live life as independently as possible, therefore here at  ubu our focus is enabling that dream to become a reality for as many as possible. 


Our support although wide and varied always follows the ‘ubu way’ guided by our ethos and structure, our mission - supporting vulnerable adults with learning disabilities, autism, mental health and physical disabilities across the North of England and the East Midlands. 


Together, we are here to support those who need us most or all of the time, we help develop skills for daily living, access education and discover employment opportunities, helping those we serve to become a valued and recognised members of society. We achieve this by working tirelessly with local communities to provide all the support and services required to truly enhance the lives of all. 


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We also provide bespoke support, a tailored team of therapists and psychologists for those with complex behavioural problem or experts in health needs and physical disability supporting adaptation of the home and lifestyle for others. 


We are not alone  
Critical in achieving constant support for the people we serve are our amazing dedicated army of Enabling Support Workers committed to ensuring positive experiences and outcomes for all.  


But success is also achieved by being part of a greater team and that includes the families and friends of those we serve. Together we achieve great things and truly transform lives. 



“I have greater independence
and my own home and most
of all to have the same
opportunities as anyone.”

what we

To achieve great things we must have a great team and that includes the families and friends of those we support and everyone involved in a person’s life. A unified approach to enabling a person to achieve lasting outcomes is essential to creating a sustainable future

The other people so critical in achieving for the people we support are the dedicate teams of enabling support workers committed to ensuring the positive experience of ubu support.


Why not, sit back and read more about some of our great successes.

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