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My home is my castle

Sophie here, I have some extra exciting news to share with everyone, I moved into my new home on the 13th February.

I have so many plans I don’t know where to start, I am bursting with ideas of what to do to make it my own.

My flat is amazing, and I have all new furniture in it, my mum was jealous and wanted to move in with me. My brother calls me a Disney princess and this new flat is my castle, I love Disney, at the moment I am into stitch and my bedroom is covered. I even got a new tracksuit and trainers for my birthday to match.

I have had a tough time in the past and this is a fresh start for me in a new area, I want to make new friends and eventually be able to be confident enough to go out on my own.

I love being outdoors and haven’t wasted any time getting out there and helping in my local community. I was supported to go into the town centre and help with the litter picking group, which I really enjoyed and everyone made me feel so welcome and invited me for a brew afterwards.

I have got so much planned to keep me busy with my new flat and new community, I will make sure I keep you updated on my journey!



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