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  • Dorothy

We need real change and we need it now

When the Winterbourne View scandal was revealed over 8 years ago, we were told it would never happen again. But it has and it will continue. The undercover investigation by the BBC ‘Panorama’ programme shown this week, confirms our very worst fears about the safety of defenseless and vulnerable people incarcerated in hospitals and similar establishments.

The feeling of helplessness and the loss of rights for everyone in locked institutions is so great. This method of ‘dealing with’ individuals treats people like throw-away punch balls. The sort of despicable behaviour and practice we witnessed in this television report comes as a direct consequence of the dominant, controlling culture, endorsed by some of those who work within them.

It is a visceral shock to find that today’s society still has people who take great pleasure in harming others. It is particularly abhorent when those most susceptible to mistreatment and abuse, along with their loved ones, rely upon what they trust to be professional care to support them in crisis.

It is devastating to realise the extent of the complacency of others who work alongside these cruel individuals don’t but don’t ‘fight’ to stop them or to speak up and report these abusive practices immediately.

Our own values as human beings are what make and maintain our individuality. Our collective values as a civilised, responsible and caring society make us join together with like-minded folk to create our different and diverse communities.

I for one believe in love, compassion and harmony towards ones fellow citizens.

Let everyone who has the same or similar values join with me to rebel against such abuse and let’s fight to stop it happening to such vulnerable people now. Yes RIGHT NOW! So those who work in such institutions are really stopped from harming and abusing any more people and not just pushed further undercover.

Those individuals and organisations who fund, own or inspect these institutions must be made fully accountable for their actions right now. This accountability must not simply be addressed with ‘apologies’ and tepid assertions of actions to be taken but with genuine change to combat, resolve and put an end to these terrible incidences and embedded practices.

Thank you for your kindness.

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