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Varna House: Where Heart Meets Home, A Bar/Bistro Beyond Ordinary!

Varna House in Middlesbrough is the ultimate hotspot! It's not your typical place – it's a Bar/bistro with a lot of heart.

A children’s play area, a cosy library, and a food bank are all under one roof and that's not all; they're introducing short life courses too, so if you want to up your cooking game - Varna House has you covered!

The Bar/bistro works slightly differently from your usual restaurant, instead of a fixed bill, they have a donation system - pay what you can and enjoy a delicious meal. For the little ones, there's a play area that's like a haven for fun – dry, warm, and bursting with laughter. The small library, run by the amazing Carrie Smith, a ubu supporter, opens doors to reading and stories that might otherwise be out of reach.

But wait, there's more generosity! The food bank is doing its part by turning surplus goodies from local shops into delicious meals for the community. Waste not, want not!

Varna House is also spreading its wings into education. Short courses, like Cooking 101, are on the menu, encouraging the community to learn new skills and feel empowered. It's not just a place; it's a hub of opportunities.

The real magic lies in the community itself, people flock there to socialise, make connections, and forge friendships. Our librarian extraordinaire, Carrie, has even rekindled ties from her past, meeting people who share memories of her mother.

This spot in Middlesborough is much loved by the community and they are doing a fantastic job! A place that deserves a round of applause and a donation from ubu to support the incredible work they do and to keep the community spirit alive!


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