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ubu's UCI Macmillan Party

The UCI 2019 Road World Championships have recently come to a finish and although it may have caused some difficulties for the residents of Harrogate and surrounding areas it also brought with it an opportunity of inspiration and fun!

ubu wanted to celebrate the event in style so some vigorous planning went ahead and a date was set for the Hub UCI party! It could have been very easy to get caught up in the fact it was just a UCI party but the 2019 Macmillan Coffee Morning was right around the corner so why not incorporate that too we thought!

Bunting, bicycles, trikes, scarecrow riders, wheels and balloons were all part of the marvelous decorations we placed inside and outside of the building. With colourful bicycles and their riders erected on the roofs, bunting draped from the windows and a display of our very own cut out riders it was truly a sight to behold. We wanted to place all of our efforts into creating a party that the People We Serve would love to attend, to feel part of the UCI experience and have a jolly good time.

There was one thing though that the party was missing, and after some searching and hard finger placing the idea flashed like a lightbulb! A barbecue! With all the preparations made along with some great activities the invitations were sent.

The party day came and the guests came flooding in, wearing some fantastic ‘bicycle ready’ outifts! With warm welcomes and activities galore everyone got stuck in! There was karaoke, dancing, a cake sale, refreshments, delicious burgers, pin the wheel on the bike, bike ball toss, jenga, a calorie burning exercise bike and one of our beloved favourites ‘Splash the Nick’ all for celebration and in the aid of Macmillan!

One person supported by ubu said “ I can’t wait until the next one, I loved this”. It was a fantastic fête and we are happy so many of our team members and people we support turned up to help and take part in the celebrations. With this party alone we managed to raise and donate £500 for Macmillan Cancer Support but it certainly isn’t over yet as we await the excellent outcomes and stories from our other supports! A big thank you to all that took part, and make sure you watch this space!

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