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ubu’s People’s Partnership Forum Celebration

ubu is a person-led organisation where everyone is fully committed to ensuring that all voices are heard. We believe that everyone, whatever their ability or background, should have a place in society and the opportunities to achieve what they want. People we serve said that they wanted to have a forum for talking about the things that matter the most to them. They said they wanted a place to say what’s good about the service the ubu gives and how to make things even better in the future. The people we serve also wanted a way to meet and to let everyone know about new ideas, share information, give feedback and find ways to have healthier and more enjoyable lives.

They were asked to nominate someone they know from ubu services that would be able to represent their views and talk on their behalf at the People’s Partnership Forum meetings. ubu received nominations from every region and then sent out voting forms for everyone who could, to take part in the election. Almost 70% of the people we serve took part in the voting process, which was terrific! It means that the people they chose are truly reflecting the diversity of our communities and enable everyone to have a voice.

At the beginning of July, ubu’s People’s Partnership held an election event at the Hub in Harrogate to celebrate the success of those who have been voted in as representatives for the Forum. The successful candidates’ names were announced by Neil and Mark to a very enthusiastic and happy audience. They announced two representatives for each of the five regions served by ubu.

In the North East, the People’s Partnership Forum will be represented by Allan and Darren, in the North West by Tina and William, from the East Midlands, Stefanie and Emma will be coming along to the meetings, from North Yorkshire it will be Deborah and John and from West Yorkshire, Sarah and Anthony will complete the group. The meetings will be chaired by Lesley Rattigan, ubu’s Quality and Wellbeing Lead Manager and facilitated by Mark Griffiths, one of ubu’s Specialist Peripatetic Managers and Vanessa Fieldhouse ubu’s Health and Safety Officer. Sometimes the forum meetings will also invite special guests to talk too.

The People’s Partnership Forum will be held at first in the Hub in Harrogate next month, sometimes in the future, at other places too and there will be a meeting at least four times each year.

At the celebration event, guests met up with old friends and made new ones with lots of singing, dancing and a delicious buffet. Lots of people, including Phil from Leeds got in touch afterwards to say just how much they enjoyed getting together and that they were looking forward to the People’s Partnership getting underway in August.


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