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ubu's Christmas Sparkle Event 2018 Day 7

Day 7 is here, our final day of our Christmas Sparkle Events. What an amazing end it was, hosted by the Children’s Services Team members. We had some fantastic live singing granted to us by some brilliant young people from our services as well as an amazing hand baked cake, and we must say... it was delicious! A good laugh was had also when everyone attempted the reindeer ring toss game. Christmas day draws closer and closer, a time for togetherness, support and love so without further ado here is our final Christmas Sparkle for December 2018.

In Sheffield there is a young man who has been in the care system all his life. He has worked incredibly hard through many ups and downs and did his best to not let the fact that he has grown up in care have a negative impact on his future. He completed courses in health and social care and attended many support groups during his life journey.

He realised that he had so much he could give back to young people who found themselves in the same situation he was in so he began volunteering to help local organisations and charities.

He had always dreamed of having a family of his own outside of the care system. Through his volunteering he eventually met his partner and in May last year they had their very own little boy. This made him even more determined to achieve his goal of working with young people to change their futures.

ubu thought that it would be a fantastic idea to give him some sparkle this Christmas so we put together a Christmas hamper for him and his family and tickets to go to the local Pantomime. They were truly overjoyed with the gifts they received and we wanted him to know all his hard work had been recognised.

This Christmas will be his first spent in his own home with his own family and we wish him the best of luck in his future endeavours.

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