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ubu's Christmas Sparkle Event 2018 Day 6

Day 6 of our Christmas Sparkle Events and sadly it’s the second to last one for this year. Todays Christmas Sparkle Event was hosted by the brilliant North West team members and what a fantastic show they put on for the audience, how a mean and rude enabler was shown what being a true team member was through ubu’s values! Not to mention some fantastic hand made soaps that were on sale too by a Person We Serve, they were all snatched up within minutes of their announcement! Let's have a look at how the North West team members spread some festive sparkle this December period.


Linda and her husband love to walk their dog and enjoy their caravanning holidays. Last year just before Christmas Linda’s husband had an unfortunate accident whilst at work, he slipped on some ice and damaged some nerves in his back, he spent time in Salford royal over Christmas and Linda visited him as much as she could by the only means of transportation she had, her moped. Linda didn’t let this stop her from coming into work though and she always had a smile on her face for the people we support.

Over the next few weeks it became more apparent that her husband required more support at home and unfortunately, she had to reduce her hours along with selling her family home to move to a bungalow which will enable her to support her husband more and help with his mobility. ubu wanted to add a little sparkle to her year and hopes she enjoys an afternoon tea for two to have some time to relax and enjoy herself.


A very sad year for one young family, ubu was honoured to employ a new member of staff who was really looking forward to his new job and was recommended by a ubu staff member. This man had started work and was going through his induction and his training and was already becoming a valued member of staff to the people we serve and the team. One day after expressing to his wife he didn’t feel well, he suddenly died which was a real shock to the whole team, all of whom were looking forward to working with him.

It is hard to do him justice when we had such a short time with him but there was real sadness at his passing. Knowing that he left two young children and a pregnant wife, we want to give them some sparkle by donating some toys and a gift hamper to his family, hoping it will help them celebrate his life and create happy memories in this hard time.

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