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ubu's Christmas Sparkle Event 2018 Day 4

Day 4 of our Christmas Sparkle Events and what a fantastic gathering we had! Todays event was hosted by the Harrogate teams and our theme for the day was 'The Greatest Showman', the Hub was filled with ringmasters, clowns, and even lion tamers, it was a sight to behold! We had karaoke, games and even a drumming lesson to accompany a fantastic showman song, and to top it all off we took a long march in Harrogate town centre to spread some more Christmas cheer with our rendition of 'We wish you a merry Christmas'!

Harrogate had 3 different Christmas Sparkles today each one with its own importance:

Avendale Hostel-

Homelessness is something we could all say we have come across during our journey’s through life, whether we have seen it or been through it, it’s something that shouldn’t have to be endured by anyone.

Just in Harrogate there is an estimated 124 homeless people, with this information we decided to do some digging. A team member from the Hub has an auntie and sister who work for the housing associations in Harrogate, Knaresborough and Rippon. They informed us that there are at least 40 children who are living in temporary accommodation with their parents, some without a single penny to their name.

We wanted to try and place some sparkle back into those children’s lives so we gathered enough treats as we possibly could to give to them which they could enjoy over the Christmas period! We visited Avendale Hostel and met with Anna the Lead Manager to hand over these gifts to the children across the Harrogate borough area, she stated the children would absolutely love the treats and thanked ubu for their kindness.

Ethan’s Story-

A team member from the Hub has a young nephew named Ethan. Ethan is 2 years old and was born prematurely and because of this he has spent the majority of his lifetime in hospital. Ethan is poorly so of