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ubu’s Christmas Sparkle Event 2018 Day 1

What a marvellous turn out for our first Christmas Sparkle event of 2018. We had some fantastic presenters and an even more fantastic audience, it couldn’t have gone better! With Christmas spirit in the air everyone was having a good boogie, playing games, joining in with competitions and enjoying some delightful food and beverages provided by our hosts: Sue, Pamela and Angela from the North East. We call our events Christmas Sparkles because our aim is to bring sparkle into lives that need it so here is the sparkle that was spread across the North East:


A woman named Anna had recently been diagnosed with incurable breast cancer after finding a lump in her breast whilst pregnant. When asking the doctors originally about the lump they advised her it was just a blocked milk duct and Anna carried on her every day life as normal. In September last year Anna had her baby but in November was given the horrifying news that the lump in her breast was something far more sinister than just a blocked milk duct and was indeed cancer. Recently Anna has been raising a staggering amount of money for ‘Mummy’s Star and Willow Foundation’ whilst having to work through the inevitable fate she has now been given. We wanted her to create some lifelong memories with her family so we decided to give them a night at the Pantomime!


A young mum named Abi used to cut hair for a person we serve in Darlington and what a mighty fine job she did! The reason we use the past tense is because she has had to give up her job due to one big reason, her 11 month old son Harvey. Harvey is currently experiencing liver failure with the possibility it could be terminal, because of this we want to give Abi and Harvey some Christmas sparkle by giving Harvey one of the greatest roles of a lifetime; to be Santa’s little helper by ensuring all his Christmas wishes come true this year.

Newcastle/North Tyneside

Christmas is experienced in many different ways for different people and this is where our Christmas Sparkle emerges from. A daughter of a ubu team member works in an SEN school that has some disadvantaged families and this is just the story of one. Christine is a Grandma to four Grandchildren but not only is she there Grandma but also their primary carer, the children were removed from their mother and father due to neglect and Christine has had to pick up the pieces since then whilst also learning to care for one of the grandchildren who has additional needs. To give the family some Christmas sparkle we have decided to throw them a grand party, with a disco, buffet, gifts and some pantomime tickets. Not only that but we have also managed to pull some strings and get Santa to come along from the North Pole!

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