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Twelfth Day of ubu Christmas: Christmas Wreath Competition

This year, the people we serve and ubu enabling teams have produced some beautiful Christmas wreaths to welcome friends and family to their homes. We had some lovely photographs sent in for our competition from many of the ubu supports around the country. First two, which we received from Harrogate and Knaresborough.

One of our support mangers, Corinna entered this Christmas wreath on the left. For the past couple of years Corinna has always said, “I would love to make a Christmas Wreath”. This year she decided to stop talking and do instead. “The wreath I made has been put on the main door and I have made some Christmas swags for our staircases too in the communal area. I feel a great sense of achievement in completing this and wanted to spread some Christmas sparkle from us all in Harrogate. “ In Knaresborough, Doreen has an amazingly colourful Christmas wreath that features most of the good things we associate with this time of the year.

Doreen on the right, is partially sighted. She wears glasses which help her to see well enough to be able to get about on her own, independently. In her spare time she likes to do all sorts of arts and crafts. Doreen makes greeting cards for one of her local churches. Doreen is a very important member of her church community not least because of the contribution she makes to their fund raising efforts.

Doreen’s cards are sold by her church to help bring in money to support a very worthy community charity. Doreen loves Christmas so much that she decided to use her love of and the skills she’s developed in arts and crafts to create a Christmas Wreath, which she says she hopes everyone will enjoy.

We have June from Lincoln on the left above, is support to live with greater independence by ubu. This year she made a fabulous homemade wreath. June has been out foraging in the local countryside with one of her ubu enablers to collect the traditional greenery like holly and ivy. Then she put it all together to make this beautiful wreath.

Alan on the right, says “I really enjoyed making my Christmas wreath for the competition and I’m very happy with how it came out”. Alan, who lives independently in his own flat in Wigan, got together with other friends who live in the same group of flats to enjoy a craft and making session.

“I am so pleased with what I’ve made that I’ve given my wreath pride of place by hanging it on my living room wall for me and all my visitors to enjoy this Christmas”.

Our winner today is Steven who put together this superb homemade Christmas wreath. He lives in Middlesbrough in his own flat supported and enabled by ubu. “I think that this was a really great achievement for me as I haven’t made anything by hand in years!” says Steven. This year, with a little bit of encouragement, Steven came up with a brilliant idea for a sparkling Christmas wreath and got it made. Thank you to Steven and everyone who sent in their Christmas wreaths for us to enjoy and share.


Why not, sit back and read more about some of our great successes.

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