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Trick or Treat

In Lancashire, people enabled by ubu to live with a greater independence decided they would like to host a Halloween party for themselves. Offering an opportunity for everyone to get creative, to get dressed up in their spookiest costumes and get ready for a night of ultimate treating.

“Every year we generally go somewhere else for a party but this year we all thought it would be a great idea to host our own. So, we got together and started planning our party. We knew who we wanted to invite, our friends, families and neighbours and we wanted to make them feel really special so we created our own handmade invitations using card and craft materials. We also called everyone to let them know.”

“Some of us love cooking and baking so we planned the food and drinks, making sure that there were plenty of sweets and chocolates for the trick or treaters who might come to the door.”

“We went out to buy our costumes but some of us actually made our own. We also encouraged the ubu team to dress up too. We think that everyone should be involved in such fun!”

“We really got into the spooky spirit of things on the day. So we all decorated the place with ghosts, pumpkins and spiders webs we had bought ands made. There were ghouls and zombies everywhere!”

“Our event was such a great success. We planned, organized and hosted our own party. We’re already thinking about our next event. We all had such a fantastic time and so many people were there with their freaky face paint and scary costumes and bad dance moves…We can’t wait to plan our Christmas party now and we’re sure that even more people come along, get involved and have a great.”


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