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Today’s Work Choices by Dorothy Jarvis-Lee

When recruiting new members we look for something special. Yes I am sure every employer says that so let me explain.

We look for people who can become Enablers, competent managers and leaders who possess the very special qualities of “mindfulness, selflessness and compassion”. Qualities not just relating to the people we serve but equally relating to others.

What we don’t look for metaphorically are “bums on seats”. When joining ubu members do not and can not become just a number. They are a person holding clear responsibilities and a member of a very worthy and responsible team. Everyone has an equally valuable role to perform and everyone is treated in the same manner. Hence our strap line “Standing up Together “

That’s all well and good but finding new members with such qualities in these very demanding recruitment times has been incredibly challenging. With poor government economic value placed on health and social care services, the unbeknown threats of Brexit threatening all uk workforce’s, the UK’s lowest unemployment records in the current western economy there is little wonder why recruitment has been so competitive.

Conversely though it does create a wonderful opportunity for people to choose where they want to work, as all organisations will have a vacancy somewhere. It is a great time for everyone to look around and find the place of work which suites them. A place which has the same values, practices, respect as one has oneself. Somewhere one can be happy in their work. It’s created a time where one can now decide what’s important in life for oneself, how does one want to work, what’s important and what works for them.