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Thirteenth Day of ubu Christmas Sparkle Celebrations

Darlington's Sparkling Christmas

This Christmas in Darlington, people we served by ubu and the enabling team wanted to give some very special sparkle to young children who won’t get to spend Christmas at home this year because they are ill in hospital. Some of these children have been in hospital and very poorly for a long time and sadly they will still be there this Christmas too.

Many of the children in Darlington’s hospital have multiple disabilities, serious illnesses and are extremely poorly. The people we serve and our ubu enabling team in Darlington think that this shouldn’t mean that anyone misses celebrating Christmas or have a chance to feel included. They decided that if you can’t go to Christmas then Christmas should definitely come to you!

People we serve and our ubu enabling team wanted to visit these children in hospital to spend some time with them, their families and the nursing staff who care for them. They decided to take some Christmas goodies along to help make the children and their families feel really special this year and bring some extra Christmas cheer into their lives.

By talking to the mums and dads beforehand, the gifts ubu donated were ones that each child would really like and remember. Special hampers were created for each of the children who will be in hospital over Christmas so that everyone has something special to enjoy on Christmas Day.


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