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Thirteenth Day of ubu Christmas: Our Homemade Christmas Cake Competition

Christmas cakes have been made in many different ways over the years. Some family’s have their own special traditions and ways of making their cakes. It’s a tradition that is kept up not only in our country but also in many other parts of the world too. For example in Japan, Christmas cake is a frosted sponge cake with strawberries, chocolates, or sometimes seasonal fruit and in the Philippines, Christmas cake is a yellow pound cake with nuts.

Our ubu Christmas Cake Competition got the people we serve very busy sourcing the finest ingredients, baking to perfection and decorating to impress and entertain.

Here are some of the photographs of cakes that were sent to us. We are sure they all tasted as good as they look.

This sparkling Christmas cake below is from a ubu support in Middlesbrough. It even lights up so that you can even enjoy eating it eat in the dark!

Brian and John from Manchester decorated two Christmas cakes, which they are taking to Christmas parties in Wigan and Manchester and are going to be used in “Guess the Weight” competitions.

Brain and John insisted on wearing Santa outfits whilst making their cakes to be sure that they were in the best season spirit while they worked!