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Third Day of ubu Christmas Sparkle Celebration

Sparkling in Spalding

To celebrate this Christmas, people served and enabled by ubu in Spalding made plans to spread some seasonal cheer and sparkle to some of their older, more vulnerable neighbours in the local community.

Towards the end of November Jane and Roger decided to get busy sourcing and packing a Christmas hamper each for a few of our neighbours.

Shopping can be difficult for some of our neighbours at times especially coming up to Christmas with everywhere so busy so we thought we would kick start their Christmas shopping off with a hamper of goodies. We wanted to make sure that they have the basics in place to have a sparkling celebration at this busy time of year.

One of our neighbours, Richard, used to come over regularly to visit us and enjoy a cup of coffee and a chat, but he hasn’t been able to get around to see us recently. His health has become very poor and now he is reliant on a team of carers to make sure that he has the things he needs because he can’t leave his house.

Another neighbour, Brian, who is sight-impaired, also lives across the street with his assistance dogs. He has always supported our fundraising events for causes we feel strongly about like MacMillan Cancer and Dementia care. Like Richard, he has always been a good friend to us all. So it felt really nice to be able to give some sparkle back at this time of year so that he would know just how much we appreciate him.

We then heard about a lady who is very lonely and lives on her own nearby, we wanted to spread some of our seasonal happiness with her too. The lady’s family live in Ireland and she very rarely gets to see them or anyone else for that matter. We decided to bring some sparkle to her Christmas time by giving her a hamper and helping to prepare her a buffet lunch to which she can invite a few friends around to and have a good old chinwag!

Spreading sparkle in Spalding doesn’t stop there. We will be continuing to visit our neighbours and help them with their festive preparations. We will be helping out by helping to put up decorations, maybe doing a bit more shopping, delivering their cards, or whatever we can do their Christmas that extra bit of sparkle this year.


Why not, sit back and read more about some of our great successes.

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