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There’s no place like home

Living independently involves having both choice and control and being able to apply such self-direction to various aspects in your life. At ubu we believe in encouraging independence by giving the people we serve the opportunities to achieve exactly what they want, for a few gentleman that meant having not only a house, but a home.

Two gentlemen who are enabled in Wigan moved into their own flats, as these were more suited to how they wanted to live their lives. Thomas wanted to move into his new apartment so that he might have space that was all his own. “I used to live with two other people but I am really sensitive to noise and I wanted a quiet place for me, so now that I have my own apartment I can spend time in my lounge or my bedroom or wherever I want because I don’t get so anxious.”

Thomas wanted a place to call his own; where he could do his study and practice his cooking. “I want to go to college and do a cookery course. I want to work in the industry, so I applied to the Princes Trust Programme and I can’t wait to hear back from them. I’m super independent so I like having a home that is all mine; I can get all my chores done then go out shopping so I can practice making meals and doing baking whenever I want to.”

Whilst Thomas was moving for the quiet, Alan wanted to move into a different flat so that it was more suited to his health and wellbeing. “I wanted a bigger place so that it wouldn’t heat up so quick, I have diabetes so I asked my enablers if I could move into another flat in the complex when someone else moved out.” When Alan moved into his new flat he wanted to throw a house warming party. “I asked if we could have the moving in party near Halloween so everyone could come and dress up and have fun. I dressed up as Dracula but I made him a bit more fun because I was wearing a bow tie.” The party was a triumph and everyone feasted on Halloween treats and dressed up to celebrate Alan’s new home.

Kevin, another gentleman enabled by ubu in Middlesbrough, wanted to make his home more suited to him and his needs. “I had a visit from Dorothy and I showed her round my flat and how I’ve made it special to me but there was something else, I wanted to have my shower room the way I wanted it. We agreed that I could do this with support from my enablers should I need it.” Kevin knew exactly which colours he wanted in his bathroom and the equipment he would need to install to benefit him. “Slowly but surely I got there. I had finally finished by the time I got paint in my hair and all over my hands. I put a picture of beach huts up in the bathroom and a lighthouse to make it look like the seaside. My shower room is fresh and I love it.”

At ubu, we believe that choice and control are outcomes that everyone should have in their lives and this transcends in to their own living spaces. Thomas, Alan and Kevin all took control of how they wanted their residence to be and with enablement they are now living in places they can really call their own homes; chosen and suited exactly to how they want their personal spaces to be.


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