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Tenth Day of ubu Christmas Sparkle Celebrations

Wigan Sparkle Amelia’s Dream comes True

Amelia is a very young lady from Wigan who is about to celebrate her 4th birthday. Unfortunately, this could be her last birthday celebration as Amelia’s life expectancy is now very limited. She was given a diagnosis of Tay Sach’s disease which is a very rare genetic disorder causing progressive damage to the nervous system.

In the last 15 months Amelia brought sparkle to the lives of many people around her who have come to know and be inspired by her story through social media and the press.

The people we serve and ubu team members in Wigan found out about Amelia through these local networks. “We know that Amelia loves twinkling lights and Christmas sparkle, which mirrors what we wanted to achieve this Christmas season”. Amelia’s story has given ubu in Wigan a wonderful way to help to light up someone’s life, by bringing some sparkle and happiness to her.

Amelia’s family have worked hard to plan a winter wonderland party for her this year for her birthday.

A donation from ubu helped them to make it a very special celebration. We bought along lots of brightly coloured balloons, beautiful birthday banners and some of the other important things that you need to make a party special and sparkling.

People we serve from ubu were on hand to help prepare the party for little Amelia. Her mum said that she could see how alert and excited Amelia was at her party and thanked everyone for making the day a really sparkling event.


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