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Tenth Day of ubu Christmas: Our Homemade Decorations Competition

From tinsel to trees, ribbons to wreaths, and ornaments to gingerbread men, the holiday season is full of colourful Christmas related décor. Today we are celebrating our tenth day of ubu Christmas Competitions and we have been looking for the best homemade decorations. Here is an interesting fact about a common Christmas decoration you may not know; the first decorative tinsel was actually made from real silver and cut into very thin strips! Most of us will probably have to make do with more ordinary decorations, although, having looked at all the entries we have received, the people we serve have been brilliantly inspired to make some amazing decorations themselves.

We received a wonderful response from people we serve all from over the country and so we decide to put together a video to help to get you in the mood for decorating your own home with little bit of Christmas sparkle this year.

Our winner today is Roger from Spalding. He made a fantastic Christmas bauble.

Roger was kind enough to also send some instructions about how you can make one for yourself. All you need is polystyrene ball, some pieces of colourful fabric, a pair of scissors, a round ended knife, two pins, and some bright ribbon.

1. Score the polystyrene ball into quarters at a depth of 0.5 cm

2. You can use any old pieces of fabric you like. Cut it into a petal (oval) shape slightly bigger than the quarter on the ball

3. Place the fabric onto the quarter of the ball and using a round ended knife push the edge of the fabric into the score lines.

4. Repeat this for all sections

5. Using ribbon wrap it around the bauble so it covers the score (edges)

6. Pin the ribbon into place at the top and bottom

7. Cut a piece of ribbon, make a loop, position it on the top of the bauble, and pin it into place.

So there you have it, your very own Christmas bauble. Courtesy of Rodger.

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