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Who would have thought that our superpowers would be Agility and Unity for all to see not just for the business plan but put into practice by amazing team work. We all know working in social care is a challenge and those struggles continue, however what we have is the additional pressure and responsibility of fighting an unknown enemy.

We all feel the weight of responsibility to keep our staff and the people we serve safe in this changed world we currently live in. Nevertheless, we have risen to the challenge and used our superpowers of Agility and Unity to try and embrace new ways of working not that it has always been plain sailing but I have found the enabling teams to be exceptionally committed and open to finding creative ways to support and enable the people we serve to live their lives as best we can in these circumstances. We all need to continue with the quest.

The world will be changed forever when the crisis is over, hopefully for the better. We need to remember we also have another superpower that is just as important and that is our humanity. We all can make the world a better place with our own actions and I leave you to reflect on this quote:

“ let integrity, humility, kindness, compassion, peace and unity follow wherever you go” even when times are difficult.

Sue Webster


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