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Summer Spectacular Holiday in Whitby

For the last few years, a group of people enabled to live with greater independence by ubu have joined together to enjoy a holiday in unusual and spectacular surroundings. Following the success of the previous events people from all the regions served by ubu were enthusiastically enquiring about what could be organised this year.

This year we subsidised an eventful holiday at Sneaton Castle, a beautiful and unique residential holiday site over-looking Whitby in North Yorkshire. Over 50 people booked to come on the holiday this time almost double the number who came last year and gave those who would not normally be able to afford an assisted holiday a great experience.

The Summer Spectacular Holidays are an opportunity for people to meet up with old friends and make new ones. The holiday also gives everyone the chance to have some time away from their everyday lives and explore new experiences and take up challenges that might not have occurred to them previously.

Visits were made by our guests into Whitby to enjoy the glorious weather, the sunny beach and famous town attractions. Some people wandered around the shops and had lunch in one of the excellent fish and chip restaurants. Others explored the special landmarks and attractions dotted all around the beautiful fishing port. Scarborough was also visited by many of our holiday makers on one of the other days. It was a chance to share the fun with other people and to take part in the wonderful traditions of seaside holidays like donkey rides, boat trips, walking tours and ice creams.

In the evenings we held special celebrations which included an ‘ABBA’ evening. Everyone enjoyed singing along to the songs from the film “Mama Mia”, which were inspired by the music of ABBA. Dressed in ABBA type outfits, our guests danced and sang the night away.

On another evening we held a ‘Medieval’ themed banquet for our guests in the fantastic Castle refectory. Again people found amazingly creative ways to dress for the occasion and we had queens, knights, princesses and monks as well as more humble yet colourful characters in attendance.

Following that extraordinary meal, a huge open-topped double decker bus arrived to take our guests on a tour of Whitby by night. It ended up at the spooky ruins of Whitby Abbey high on the cliffs above the little town. Monsters and vampires appeared as if out of nowhere to give a chilling thrill to everyone.

Back at the Castle a final karaoke and disco was underway arranged as it had been all through our holiday spectacular by DJ Tim who comes from Nottingham as is supported to live independently by ubu. He has made sure that our holiday events have been exciting and full of music for everyone to enjoy and dance to.

By the end of our time at Sneaton Castle people were already asking about what we might do together next year. “It was a fab time, I can’t wait to come again” said someone from the Leeds who came last year too. DJ Tim is already planning a whole new set of playlists for next year’s disco’s. A lady from the North East said “This was my first time on any kind of holiday where I could choose to do what I wanted to do, it was great!”

You can share our excitement and fun by looking at some of our photos from this year’s Summer Spectacular Holiday here.

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