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  • Theo Chatzakis

Still struggling through lockdown?

Have you ever watched a video and feel so inspired that you want to change your habits? We hope this video of Oakley will help you feel inspired to keep going with that project you started at the beginning of lockdown, to stay motivated, looking forward to the get to the final result, and most importantly enjoying the process.

As we all already know of the difficult times we experience during the lockdown and things we have tried to keep us busy, help the time pass, and for some to forget what is going on in the world. It is so easy to lose focus, feel like losing control, and starting to incinerate with everything else. We need to understand that we still need to stay busy trying new things and keep moving forward, you never know you might just learn something about yourself. A lot of people have tried new hobbies like painting, taking photos, and reading. Others might have learned a new skill, new language, or just starter backing a lot more than usual. If you have not found your passion yet or just want to keep your mind busy and pass the time here might be a few new ideas for you.


If you’ve always wanted to travel but were always too busy or not enough money, then you should definitely try the live cams. These cameras are all around the world and you can live stream animals from any country you wish to see. Help pass the time by watching African wildlife in South Africa. Go underwater in California to watch tropical fish or learn more about the birds in the sky. Learn and be mesmerised by nature in your home. To take a look at nature click on the link and go travel the world.

Mini Golf

Do you miss fun mini golf with family and friends? Well, do not worry Plonk has got you covered. Plonk is a fun and crazy amusement park with activities, a food court and games in London. The lockdown has not stopped them to bring the fun to you, for you can purchase a mini-golf course at home pack. They challenge you to change your home into a mini-golf amusement park and win great prizes. The best mini-course design will be built at their Camden Market venue. Wow, now that is a great idea to get your favourite game right at home. With packs starting at only £6.00 and a family pack of only £40.00. So if you want to bring mini-golf into your home click on the link and start building.

Virtual Bingo

If you like a more relaxing but still great fun Friday night then take a look at the Dabbers Social Bingo, as they have a comedian host, virtual prizes to win, and fun party tunes. They ask series of questions to help discover the number to dab off. 10% of all ticket sales have gone to support the Hospitality action. Click on the link to see all the great virtual shows you can enjoy. (click here for the link)

Still want to go on holiday one day

Just because you can’t do it now does not mean you will never be able to. With the Bimble app you can save, share and collect the places you would like to go visit soon. This app will help you in so many ways to keep dreaming about that holiday you still want or new places you wanted to discover. Dream today, plan tomorrow and fly one day. Click on the link to read more about the app and to join. (click here for the link)

It is important to stay healthy and keep your mental health in mind. It is easy to give up and get comfortable push things out for another day. Small tasks pilling up and get overwhelming where you end up not doing anything at all. Make a list of things that you still need to do daily, clean your apartment or house, tidy up the kitchen, clean out old boxes. On your list make sure you indicate which has a bigger priority and start ticking them off. With a list in hand, you can visually see how things are improving and will help you keep a healthy life. Start a journal, but do not focus on the negative write down what you have learned today, what you have achieved, or just that you have put a smile on someone’s face. Focus on the things that make you happy, if you are not happy at the moment try to think of activities or tasks that makes you happy and change your directions to reach your goal. Make sure you are true to yourself and you know that no matter how big the change if that is going to make you happy then take the leap.

Set yourself a day each week to try something new. Read a book, bake a cake, clean your house. These simple tasks can help you to keep busy in your day at home. Spend an hour or two with no electronics, see where your mind takes you. Take that hour bubble bath for yourself, or just spend some time in the garden. Once a week give someone a call and ask them how they are doing.

These might be things you already knew, already tried. Keep looking for the activity you need, to help you in these times. There are so many solutions out there, just remember you are not alone the person next to you might feel the same way without you knowing. Do not dwell in the negative. Embrace the positive!


Why not, sit back and read more about some of our great successes.

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