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  • Theo Chatzakis

Stephen at the Business Excellence Awards

On 30 June Stephen attended the Business Excellence Awards with Horticap.

He has worked with Horticap since he was 18, so it has been 32 years. He absolutely loves working at Horticap, he does gardening and woodwork and at times he works in the café and shop.

His love of gardening means that he as well helps out with maintaining the garden at the Hub in his spare time. As he has been at Horticap for so long he feels like they are his friends and family and he felt very honored to be chosen as 1 out of 2 people to represent Horticap.

He was very excited to attend the black tie event and he said he looks like James Bond!

We can disagree, as we think he looks 100 times better than James Bond!


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