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Staff first customers always by Dorothy Jarvis-Lee

At the end of September, research conducted by Independent Age and the International Longevity Centre suggested that the UK’s decision to leave the European Union could jeopardise the future of the adult social care provision for disabled, given the sector's reliance on EU workers.

This was followed by controversial suggestions from Home Secretary, Amber Rudd suggesting that companies are failing to train local people choosing instead to recruit skilled foreign workers and arguing that the immigration system should prevent this from happening. This is has sparked widespread debate on the issue of foreign workers and their role in the economy.

At ubu, we take pride in our fantastic and dedicated staff without whom we could never deliver the level of care and support we offer. We recognise that when our staff succeed, we succeed and vice versa.

We employ a diverse range of people from all backgrounds and nationalities and we believe strongly in investing in all of our staff and helping them to develop new skills and advance their careers no matter what their background or nationality.

The social care sector needs dedicated, hard-working staff willing to go the extra mile and that’s what we look for. it’s about finding the right person for the job – someone honest, trustworthy and passionate about helping people – the rest can all be learnt.

We pride ourselves on delivering quality standards of training and staff development to ensure that our staff are some of the best in the sector.

As an organisation, ubu is all about helping people to find their place in the world and lead successful, productive and fulfilled lives. This ambition applies equally to our staff as to those we support. That’s why we are committed to delivering ongoing training to our staff, providing them with opportunities to develop new skills and setting them on a clear career path with opportunities to progress.

With social care becoming ever-more important and services facing greater demand than ever before – now is not the time to put a stop to the flow of workers in the sector.

We welcome anyone with the passion, dedication and necessary attributes, from anywhere.

We hope to continue to be able to do so, ensuring that we have brilliant staff who are achieving their goals and dreams and who in turn can help those that we support to meet their own ambitions and find what they are good at too.


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