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St Andrews Summer BBQ

It’s a focal point of every summer and it allows everyone that lives at St Andrews to come together and celebrate all that is good about summer, in our wonderful garden with our ubu support team members.

The BBQ is an important part of our calendar of summer events with every part of the day important to us, from the planning and organising to the clearing up and re-living the highlights over coffee for the rest of the summer.

The support team at St Andrews Road worked with us to develop a plan for the day but they also helped us to decide upon a theme and think about things that are important. This year, the aim of the BBQ was to promote one of the most important things for our health and wellbeing – friendship.

Supported by the enabling team at ubu, we were able to plan, organise and host their summer BBQ, inviting family and friends to join them to experience what life at St Andrews is like and to join in with the fun.

The BBQ also offered the chance for someone considering moving in to come along and see the St Andrews community in full swing. It was a wonderful opportunity for us to extend a warm welcome to a someone who is thinking about moving in to one of the empty apartments. This proved to be the perfect opportunity for them to meet some of their potential new neighbours and to get to chat to the support staff at ubu. Everyone had crossed our fingers for good weather and we weren’t disappointed. The day of the BBQ dawned to a bright blue sky with the weather warm enough for everyone to enjoy the great outdoors.

It was an amazing event. All the guests said that they’d had an excellent time. The food had been delicious and there had been plenty of it. Everyone had eaten and drunk their fill during the afternoon. The BBQ was such a success that it turned into a joyous party with lively music with singing, dancing and party games as the afternoon went on.

Thank you to everyone who came to enjoy our BBQ and thanks to the ubu support team for helping us to organise such a fantastic event! We’re already thinking about next year!



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