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Smart Slimming

Research recently published in The British Medical Journal suggests that if you want to lose weight joining a slimming club is probably the most effective way to shed the pounds. There are some great benefits to getting together with other people when you’re trying to lose weight. “I found it very hard at first but I was inspired of my friend Ayla who has done so well” says Michelle, who lives in the North West, supported to live an independent life by ubu.

Slimming clubs can give people who want to lose weight encouragement and support from other people who understand how hard it can be, especially to begin with.

“I had the support of my slimming club group right from the start. ubu enablers helped me make a weekly plan of my meals. We worked out what I needed to buy and how to cook my food so that it was healthier and lower in fat”.

Michelle’s slimming club suggests that its members divide food up into three types, low fat and calories, healthy extras and a limited number of treats. It works for her. “ I’ve managed to stick to my plan and lose weight. It makes me feel really good, more confident and I’m even ready to get back on the dating scene!”

Most slimming clubs also encourage members to get good quality exercise too and this can be another very positive benefit of joining a supportive group. Members give each other moral support and encouragement. Certainly helping others to reach their goals can spur us on to our own successes.

“I wanted to have a healthier lifestyle so I joined my slimming club and in the first couple of months lost an amazing 1 stone”. Michelle is already enjoying the boost in energy from her healthier lifestyle. “I’m hoping to reach my target weight and for that I need to lose around another 4 stone”.

Joining a club can also help people to enjoy preparing and cooking meals in way that they might not have done in the past. Club members not only benefit from the advice given but also from the experience of others. “I’ve been trying out new recipes with ubu enablers giving me help if I need it. I love cooking new and healthy meals”.

Michelle would recommend trying out a slimming club membership to anybody who would like to lose a bit of weight. “I feel like I’ve much more energy and I’m so much fitter. Taking part in my slimming club activities has made me feel more confident and happy about myself”.

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