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Skipton's own little Sparkle

Here in Skipton we have been working hard to do something valuable for the local community and to spread some Christmas Sparkle and cheer to people who need it most.

We looked around for charities that where in Skipton and came across the Community Fridge.

Community Fridge aims to help reduce food waste but mainly to support people who are on a low income and who are struggling.

The people we serve decided they would like to make 10 Christmas hamper boxes to give to people who need them most.

The staff and people we serve helped to collect things such as soups, chocolates, biscuits, socks, and gloves to put in the boxes.

Also we made some boxes suitable for an adult and child for those who have children.

Sean helped to make home made crackers and Mary helped to make home made Christmas cards that looked like Christmas trees, stamped from the shape of her hand. 


Why not, sit back and read more about some of our great successes.

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