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Sixth Day of ubu Christmas Sparkle Celebrations

Sparkle at Manchester and Cheshire Dogs Home

To celebrate Christmas this year, we are continuing with what’s become a tradition here at ubu: our 15 festive days of seasonal celebrations. Today we are bringing some Christmas sparkle to our four legged friends in one of our local communities.

At ubu, we have always appreciated the therapeutic contribution that animals can make to our lives. Many animals, especially domestic pets like cats and dogs, can reflect some of the best of human value’s. We can easily recognise qualities like loyalty, friendship and unconditional love. Animals can help us in many different ways. For example, therapy dogs can become a friend to someone that struggles to interact with people and even pet fish can help calm people with sensory processing disorders.

With this in mind, people we serve and ubu team members in the Manchester area wondered who better to bring some festive sparkle to this Christmas than the animals who give us happiness all year round?

They got in touch with a rescue organisation, the Manchester and Cheshire Dogs Home. They had heard that in 2014, the dog rescue was devastated by an arson attack in which they lost some of the animals they were caring for and many of the kennels and destroyed and the property was damaged.

Manchester and Cheshire Dogs Home have re-opened this year but still have some of the rebuilding to complete. People we serve and ubu team members are volunteering at the rescue to help to get this valuable organisation back up and running again.

The people we serve are contributing in a variety of practical ways like walking the dogs and giving some of their time to help out at the rescue centre. It is a small but necessary part of caring for the animals who give us so much comfort and happiness. The dogs seem to really love the attention and exercise and the people we serve who have been volunteering at the rescue agree that it’s not only enjoyable but it benefits them too!

ubu team members and people we serve in Manchester have also decided to use money donated by ubu to ensure that the dogs at the rescue have some new toys, tasty treats, towels to replace those lost in the fire. They are sure that this will bring some special Sparkle for the dogs over this festive period and into the future…


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