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Simplistic Fitness

To some mentioning the words exercise, gym or working out can make them shudder at the mere thought of partaking in such an activity and to others those words can sound like a fun fueled way of passing the time.

When we focus intensely on what these words mean it can bring with it images such as treadmills, dumbbells or even the Olympics but sometimes we forget that even the simplest of things can keep us fit; walking in the park, playing football, swimming, skating. There are a multitude of ways but what’s important is what works for each individual. Below is a story from one person we support on how they are keeping fit in 2019!

Hi I’m Sarah and I live in my own flat supported by ubu. Over the years I have had issues with my weight which has affected my overall health and confidence. I’ve tried nearly every diet you could think of and so many different ways to exercise with and without support, but I have always found myself giving up and not having enough faith in myself.

In the last couple of months it has been on my mind a lot and I decided I needed to do something about it and start losing some of the dreaded weight that’s been holding me back. The stress it’s giving me is just not worth it. I kicked smoking, and back then I thought I wouldn’t stand a chance, so I can certainly kick a few extra pounds now!! I have the willpower to be the me I want to be!

To start my fitness journey I joined a local Ladies only gym, I felt confident in going every week and after a while I didn’t need any Enablers to accompany me. For me just being able to go it alone was huge! Instead of getting the bus or taxiing I started walking as much as I could; to my local gym, ASDA and even the White Rose Shopping Centre!

Currently I am in touch with a dietician and have sat down with them so they can help me to eat healthier. I made a list of foods I could swap and even completely cut out of my diet. I’m making healthier choices and although to some they may seem little, to me they are already making a huge difference! These changes make me want to keep exercising and eat healthier, I see myself in such a different way and all it took was some determination and a little helping hand from my enabling team. I’m Sarah and I am proud of who I am!

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