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Simon Makes a difference

Hi everyone! It’s Simon from Harrogate.

Just before Christmas, I expressed an interest in getting back into some kind of work. I have worked in the past but it had been quite a few years since I had my last job and this was a big step for me.

Nevertheless, I was determined to achieve my goal of going back into work and I even knew what my dream job was. I had my heart set on working in a new shop that had just opened in Harrogate. The shop was called ‘Yorkshire Cancer Research’ and I knew that the role would be just perfect for me.

Getting a new job can be hard work, but I took each stage in turn and worked with my enablers to make this happen. The first step was to complete an application form. Making sure to include the right information, I sent it off and waited for a reply.

I got an interview! I was both happy and excited, but it meant that I had to get ready for it. My enablers didn’t let me down and, when I was invited for interview, they helped me to prepare. I even had a few practice runs with them so that I would feel confident on the day. In the run up to the big day, they gave me the support and reassurance I needed to feel comfortable on the day of the interview. All my preparation paid off and I was successful! I was delighted that got a position on the team.

I love my job, but it can be hard to keep working – I know that we all feel that at times. The next step in my journey was to maintain my position at the shop. Sometimes, there were days that I didn’t feel like going in. Sometimes, I had worries that something could go wrong. Or, sometimes, I would feel under too much pressure. My enabling team understood my concerns and they made time to listen to me. They offered reassurance and, when I felt like giving up, they continued to support and encourage me. Talking with my enabling team, they helped me to overcome my self-doubt and I have been able to stick at it.

The support from my enablers has allowed me to build up an open and honest relationship with my colleagues at Yorkshire Cancer Research. This means that they know me as a person; they can see my strengths, where I need support and they’ve put things in place to ensure I can do my role successfully. I now feel fully part of the team and look forward to going every week. I enjoy working with my colleagues, Lennette and Kate, and I like to know that I am providing a service to my community.

I was delighted to have received recognition for my hard work from my Area Manager as part of ‘Volunteers Week’. This really motivated me and made me feel valued as an important part of the team.


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