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Simon at Stray FM

A few weeks ago a lifetime ambition was reached when Simon, who lives with increasing independence in Harrogate enabled by ubu. Simon enjoys listening to the local radio station, Stray FM, whenever he has the time to relax from his busy weekly schedule. He has always wanted to take a look ‘behind the scenes’ so that he could understand how a radio station operates and to meet his favourite DJ.

Simon took the initiative and got in touch with Stray FM to see if could visit and have a tour of their studios. They were very happy to oblige and invited Simon to their studio. “I met DJ Will Smith who hosts a programme on the radio every weekday afternoon into the evening”. Simon had a chance to sit in one of the studios and find out more about they to broadcast to the public.

“They asked me if I would record a greeting announcement for Stray FM, which I did. It was very exciting and perhaps they will play it sometime for all of Harrogate to hear.” Simon had such a good experience at the radio station that he has decided to look into doing some volunteer work for them in the future.

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