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Shaping our Futures

People enabled to live more independently by ubu were amongst many young adults around Britain waiting to get their GCSE results this summer. Like everyone else wanting to find out how well they did after the months of hard work they had put in and the intense exams, it was a bit of an anxious wait.

Emily, who lives in Leeds, has worked hard to gain a GCSE in English and succeeded in getting exactly what she had studied so hard for. “At first I really struggled with my English, but once I’d put my mind to it I smashed it! I’m so proud of myself and can’t wait to put my certificates on my wall for all my friends and family to see!” Emily spent many hours both in college and at home revising for her exams. “I used to really not like doing exams but I’m so happy now because I know I can actually do them when I put my mind to it! I even got accepted into college for a hospitality course!”

Ryan, from Nottingham, was also amongst those waiting patiently to know if all their hard work had paid off. “I got eight passes and now I’m planning to go to college to study photography! I love it and want to do it as a job!” Ryan is in the process of putting aside money for a new camera so he can practice his photography skills when he is out and about or visiting beautiful places. “My friends and family are so proud of me and I’m proud of myself! I worked super hard and couldn’t be happier with my results!”

Whilst Emily and Ryan prepare for college and their future education, another person that we serve in Leeds has already been attending Health and Social Care classes at the city’s college. “I really wanted something productive to do with my time and work toward my future. Before I got accepted onto the course I wanted to do, I had to take maths and English exams!” Carlena worked hard, studying all that she needed to in order to both sit and do well in the exams. “I wasn’t expecting how much I would have to do but I soon got into the swing of studying. I spent ages learning what I needed to and I passed my exams! I’m now studying for my new course and I’m well excited to see what the future brings.”

ubu believes that everyone, no matter their abilities are or their background, should have all the opportunities available to achieve the dreams and goals they want to reach. The people we serve who have shared their stories here have all put an incredible amount of time and effort in working towards creating a brighter and more fulfilled future for themselves. They have used the enabling care and support provided by the ubu enabling teams whenever they need it but best of all they have worked hard to develop their own skills and talents.

Emily, Ryan and Carlena are choosing to follow exciting and challenging career paths and gaining fantastic experience and very useful qualifications along the way. Their families and friends are all really proud of their achievements and we look forward to hearing more about the next milestones they reach and even greater success in in the future.


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