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Seeking safety

Sadik is a very young man who lives in Yorkshire now, enabled and supported by ubu’s Young People’s Services. He left Ethiopia in fear of his life a couple of years ago because of the war-torn conflicts going on in his country. His journey took him first to Ethiopia, where he was captured and tortured. He then found a way to escape and fled to the Sudan where he was in hospital for 6 months receiving medical treatment and recovering from his ordeal. Sadik travelled the risky journey to Calais on the French coast where he lived in ‘The Jungle’ as the refugee site became known, before coming to Britain on a small boat.

It was a very dangerous trip and fortunately, along with many others, he was rescued from his little boat in the English Channel. Sadik moved in to one of ubu’s Young People’s Services at the beginning of 2016. It was a huge change in his young life and the first time he felt some kind of safety.

Sadik often says that all he wants is to make his family proud. Sadik had to deal with the constant concern about the safety of his family back in Ethiopia, especially his mother.

All the uncertainty was quite naturally incredibly worrying for Sadik. ubu enablers helped him to get some therapeutic support from specialists in the NHS Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services. Sadik found it really helpful and at last he was able to speak freely about his maltreatment in Ethiopia and his journey to England. It was also a chance for Sadik to talk openly about how lonely he was feeling and that of course, he was missing his family very much.

The uncertainty about the safety of Sadik’s family and not knowing if they were even alive haunted him constantly, it made him feel very low. He was sleeping badly and often woke up with night terrors. The ubu enabling team wanted to find a way to help Sadik feel better and to get some self-confidence back. Sadik said that he needed to find his family, and to be sure that they were well and safe. He knew that nothing short of this could help him to feel better.