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Sarah's Blog: Learning to cook

Hello, my name is Sarah and I am enabled by ubu in Leeds. Last month I went to a Jamie Oliver Cooking Class. This month I went to another where I met more new people, learnt how to prepare and cook new dishes and I want to share all my culinary knowledge with us once again.

This time I mastered the breakfast dishes; smashing myths about how to cook your eggs and learning that breakfast doesn’t have to be rushed but something I can prepare and enjoy.

The first part of the class was spent learning about eggs, particularly scrambled and poached and all the secrets behind them. First you crack the egg into a bowl and whisk it but you don’t actually need to add milk like I thought, just put a bit of butter in a plan and let it dissolve. Then put your whisked egg in and keep on whisking until it comes to a good consistency. Everyone asked me what to serve it with and I said just toast, it’s the only way to have proper scrambled eggs.

Poached eggs were next on the menu and myths were busted once again. Apparently you don’t need to stir your water or use vinegar when poaching your eggs, which is good because I don’t like vinegar. So, if you put a pinch of salt in boiling water and crack an egg into a cup, then gently pour the egg into the water it will work. You can use your fingers to slow the egg down whilst it drops out of the cup into the water. And once again I’ll tell you the best way to serve your eggs is with toast. It think the classic way is the best way.

The final part of the session meant it was time to take the cooking up a notch. We made pancakes. The batter was really easy to make and it was more about what we wanted to put on them. I put raspberries and bananas with mine. It was delicious.

This time I didn’t eat before we went so that I wasn’t full before we ate all our yummy food. I’m going again this Saturday and we will be making different kinds of soup.

I really enjoyed her time cooking new dishes and I love sharing everything I learn with everyone at ubu. These classes are a fantastic way to meet new people and learn new skills. You can apply for these classes online or in Jamie’s restaurants near you, everyone should have a go and share their experiences. I can’t wait till next week when we hear about the winter-warming soup that I will have made.

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