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Sarah's Blog: Learning to cook

Hello everybody, welcome back to my blog, if you’ve been reading my previous posts then you will see that I’ve been having the best time at Jamie Oliver’s cooking classes. These have helped me gain skills and get more confident in my own kitchen. So let me tell you what I got up to in the class I went to this week.

I woke up in a great mood because I knew I was going to be cooking up a storm in my class. I did all the usual things to get ready, I got showered, had my breakfast and dressed for the day. I headed into Leeds to go to my classes. As I was walking through the city I thought it would be really nice to look in all the beautiful shop windows and at all the Christmas lights which went up recently in Leeds.

When we got to Jamie’s ‘Ministry of Food’ we went through our normal routine. We started by washing our hands, putting our aprons on and tying back our hair so that we could work hygienically.

We started getting all our ingredients prepared, we call that ‘prepped’; opening and draining the tuna cans, slicing and cutting onions and crushing the garlic and chili … although, I deseeded mine because I can’t deal with spicy food at all! Also, I’ll give you a tip, make sure that you wash your hands after you’ve touched a chili and then it won’t spread anywhere nastier than your tongue… like your eyes. It would really sting.

I talked to the chef who has been leading our class and he gave me some very positive feedback and said I’ve been using my knife properly and safely. This made me feel great! I still take my time when I’m using my knives because I wouldn’t want to hurt myself.

So, back to the food preparation… we gathered all our ingredients and started frying them up.

  • Start with frying the garlic, onions and sliced mushrooms ‘till they’re soft, but don’t let the garlic burn otherwise it will make everything taste bitter

  • Cook the pasta at the same time, but in a different pot, with a pinch of salt to stop it sticking

  • Add your chili… if you like it

  • Put whatever tomato sauce you want to add with the vegetables and simmer gently

  • Drain your pasta and mix everything all together

  • Put it all in a big dish

  • Finally, grate some cheese on top

Now you can cook your lovely pasta dish until the cheese is nice and crispy and you have a delicious bake! These classes are awesome because they’ve helped me with all sorts of skills. Recently I’ve been mastering how to cook meat properly.

Everyone can be confident in the kitchen when we put our minds to it. Perhaps you will want to take cooking classes too! You won’t be scared any more to use what’s in your kitchen and make some real foodie magic happen!

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