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Run For Life

Emma, who lives independently in the East Midlands enabled by ubu has been working hard to make everything about her life healthier. “I have a fantastic achievement I want tell everyone about! I’ve lost 4 stone in weight over the last 3 years.”

Deciding to lose the extra pounds can really help each of us to have more energy and feel good about getting exercise we need to stay healthy. “Now I’m enjoying doing lots of active things like going swimming, taking a Zumba class and going to the gym” says Emma. Getting these kinds of activities organised is really getting much easier these days there are lots of classes available and social groups who meet to get active together.

“This year I took part in the ‘Run For Life’ event in my home town of Louth". It’s something Emma has been working towards achieving, by learning how to do warm-ups and practice runs. The ‘Run For Life’ event is in aid of Cancer Research UK and took place in June on a picturesque route starting and finishing in the market place in Louth. “It’s a 5 kilometre run! I have had a go and completed this distance this once before, and I enjoyed it that much that I decided to have another go this year”

“I ran alongside a ubu Enabler called Amie, and we really geared each other up for the 5K run. I started off all excited and was near to the front of the women runners. Then it was sensible to slow down to a jog and a fast walk for a while in the middle of the event”.

Emma and Amie kept encouraging and supporting each other, and they found that it’s really good to have a running partner. “I started running again when I got near the end and it was good to know how to pace myself from our training sessions”, says Emma. “I ran under the finish line at 52 minutes and 17 seconds! I didn’t quite beat my previous run but it didn’t matter one bit! I am determined to beat my time next year!”. What a wonderful achievement. Go Emma!

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