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Rosann's Woodworking Wonders

From Beehives to Blooms, Join Me on the Crafty Ride of Crafting Independence!

Hey everyone, it's Rosann here, and I wanted to share a little glimpse into my woodwork adventure, just me, my tools, and a whole lot of newfound joy.

I've done a woodwork course before and loved it, so I decided to get back into the swing of things. This time, I found a local course that I could walk to with my enabler. Now, stepping into a new course in a different place can be nerve-wracking, right? But, thanks to my amazing enabling team, I got the confidence and encouragement to take the plunge, and here I am.

I'm soaking up every moment of this course, and you can catch me there every Thursday from 10am to 4pm. Initially, having that support with me is fantastic, but guess what? The goal is to spread my wings and go solo on Mondays and Fridays too. It's all about building that independence, step by step.

As I've been getting hands-on with the tools, I can feel the boost in my confidence levels. Safety is my top priority, of course. So far, I've crafted a Beehive box and some wooden ornaments just for the fun of it. Now, I'm knee-deep in a project – a Planter for my garden - Flowers, an elephant representing yours truly, and a love heart in memory of my mum.

The sense of accomplishment and pride in what I've achieved so far is indescribable. I'm already dreaming up my next project and I am excited about the journey ahead - more sawdust, more creativity, and more projects on the horizon!


Why not, sit back and read more about some of our great successes.

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