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Richard Baker Eulogy

Don’t be sad don’t cry for me

I am walking my path and I am free

I leave my love to those I love

I will watch you from above

My life was full, my love my friends

I laughed and played that never ends

Look in your heart I will always be

Don’t be sad don’t cry for me.

Richard came to live with ubu in 1984 as a young man with hopes and dreams. He met the love of his life there Barbara and they spent the next 30 years together happy and contented with a few up and downs! He loved socialising with everyone and everyone was always greeted with a smile and a hug. He never missed a day at his clubs or an invitation for coffee. His passion for wrestling was unsurpassed and he spent many hours watching his favourite wrestlers doing battle. He loved dogs and spent many hours playing with the therapy dogs that visited him As he grew older his memory started to fail and he spent more time at home which did make him sad but Barbara and his enablers were always there to keep him safe and happy. When he moved to Berwick Grange he was so missed by everyone. Good bye Richard we will always love and miss and all of us will never forget your beautiful smile.


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