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Revisiting my Past in Durham

Edna, who is enabled by ubu to live her life with greater independence, recently revisited her childhood home of Durham. A day trip to Durham had been organised by her enablers at Edna’s request.

“We got the train to Durham and spent the entire day visiting all my favourite places; the Cathedral and Crossgate. Everywhere we visited has a special memory to go with it.” Edna spent the day exploring beside the river and tracing her history as she walked over the old cobblestones by Durham Castle and in the Market Square. “We went on the boat that travels along the river Wear and I got to see all of my old home city as we sailed past!”

A lovely spot of high-tea was had before setting off again for more wandering and telling of tales. “We had sandwiches and cake at a local café and I had lots to say about my time growing up here; all the adventures I would go on and the exploring I would do around the city when I was younger.”

“I am eighty-nine years young so I have a lot of stories to tell; whilst we were on the boat trip I remembered walking along the banks of the river where all the anglers would be fishing for trout. It was and still is, to me, such a beautiful city.”

Much laughing, telling of stories and the recapturing of wonderful memories all surfaced during Edna’s trip to Durham; returning to Durham allowed Edna the opportunity to retrace her own steps and share with us both the history of and the exciting activities to do in Durham.

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