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Retail Therapy

“Hello, my name is Anthony, I’ve been enabled by ubu in Leeds for a while now and I wanted to share my story and how I’ve been enabled to create a life with greater independence.

For years I’ve refused to go out into the community for fear of people looking at me. I have problems with my sight but didn’t want to wear glasses or use a stick because I would still bump into things and other people and this made it harder for me.

I got so down about it and stayed in my flat. I’d order my shopping online and never bought new clothes because I didn’t think I needed them. I became so unhealthy with never going out and eating all the takeaways I would order because I didn’t want to go out of my flat.

I told my enablers how I felt and from then on I started working with my enablers so that I could try and boost my confidence. After a long time of trying I finally buckled up and boosted my courage.

I’ve now been independently going to the supermarket and shopping centres for a few weeks now and I feel fantastic! I go to my local supermarket and buy my own food and started cooking low fat versions of my favourite food. I even bought myself a slow cooker to cook healthy curries in and swapping unhealthy foods and drinks for healthy ones because I have more choice going to the supermarket.

I’ve even felt confident enough to go out to the White Rose shopping centre and buy myself some cool new clothes which I wouldn’t have been able to try on online.

I even went to the opticians to buy some glasses to help me and everyone is saying they look so good and suit me so much! I didn’t expect that. I went to the dentist and now have some false teeth and have such a perfect smile now! I can’t believe how confident and amazing I feel.

I’m feeling healthier and happier and my independence is growing more and more. I’m also helping the ubu team members with interviews to help me with my confidence around new people.

I’m looking at joining the gym and maybe starting swimming. I just want to get out and have fun! It’s a big world out there and I’m glad I’m finally exploring it and being part of it.”


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