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Raising awareness about Dementia

My name is Roger and I’m supported to live with greater independence by ubu in Lincoln.

When I was thinking about what I wanted to achieve this year an issue which has touched me very personally came to mind immediately. My mum suffers from Dementia and I wanted to do something in my community to help people to know more about it. I also wanted to raise some funds to help the wonderful work done by Dementia charities to support and care for people like my mum.

Dementia is an illness that seems to creep up on people as they gradually find that their memory begins to fail and they often find that it’s difficult to communicate in the ways they used to.

Because I really enjoy meeting up with people and I love to socialise and chat I thought a fundraising coffee morning would be ideal. I talked about it with my ubu enablers and they helped me plan what I needed to do.

So during Dementia Awareness week earlier this year I got my event organised. I have a great relationship with my neighbours and some fantastic friends. When the invitations were written, they were the first people I wanted to visit and share the idea with.

Next I put my apron on and got baking! I knew that I needed to impress my guests. Although the kitchen did look like a disaster area when I had finished, the end result was lots of scrumptious cakes to entertain and tempt my guests with.

When the big day arrived, I knew I had got everything just right and was prepared to make my event something for everyone to remember. With a little support and encouragement the table was laid and full of delicious and tempting cakes ready to be devoured.

My guests began to arrive. The cups of tea were made, the cakes were eaten and there was plenty of laughter and loads of compliments on my baking skills. People left with huge smiles on their faces and were very generous with their donations.

I raised £79.77 from that event alone. It was a fantastic way to kick of my goal to raise a decent sum for Dementia charities and to help my friends and neighbours know a bit more about it too.

As this event was so successful, I’m already planning my next extravaganza in the autumn. I am going to hold a Bingo night which will not only be fun but also profitable I hope, for the Dementia charities I support too!

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