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Prince's Trust Challenge

The Prince's Trust is a charity that was founded to help young people find ways to transform their lives through a range of training programmes. The Trust provides mentoring to build up self-confidence in the people it works with and helps them to keep motivated even when things might seem almost impossible to accomplish.

Like the Prince’s Trust, ubu believes that everyone should have an opportunity to find their rightful place in their community. William, who is enabled by ubu to live with more independence in the Blackpool area has been actively engaging with the Prince’s Trust over the last few months. “Before I started my course I was bored, and didn’t have many friends”. He decided to use an opportunity to take part in one of the Princes Trust development courses to look for more realistic ways to build his confidence, find meaningful activities that would keep his interest and have a chance to meet new people.

“I had to do a lot of things I’d never tried before when I joined the Trust programme. I took some courses on food hygiene and health and safety. The Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service course gave me new skills and an understanding of fire safety which will definitely be useful in the future”.

Even though Will didn’t enjoy some of the tasks he had to do to complete his course, he persevered, encouraged by enablers from ubu. “Some days were hard-going and some days were good” says Will. “I had to do things that I didn’t like doing. I was invited to go away on the Residential Adventure Development week, that was something that I really didn’t think I would want to do!”.

Although some challenges were more than William felt ready to take part in, he is more optimistic about the future. “We had to try rock climbing, that was too much for me then, but maybe it’s something I could try again sometime…”

There were activities in his courses which William found much more appealing. “I really did enjoy the work placement I was on.” He was given the chance to have some work experience at a pub he knows well. The staff were enthusiastic and welcoming and helped William to learn new skills and to take pride in what he was doing. ubu enablers worked alongside William to help him keep going even when he was feeling reluctant. “Eventually, I began to look forward to going there and working with other people as part of team”.

“One of the best things about taking part was that I made friends with four other people on the programme. We still stay in touch with each other which has been a real boost knowing that I have friends I can trust and share experiences with".

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