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Partnerships Unite @ Christmas by Dorothy Jarvis-Lee

Following a most inspiring election campaign for our Enabler Partnership Representatives, everyone will have seen that we have renewed our ubu “Enabler Partnership”. Alongside this, we also introduced a new Partnership through similar elections for representatives of the people we are here to serve, called the “People’s Partnership Forum”.

The purpose and intention of both these working partnerships is to enable us all, through these very challenging health and social care times, to effectively develop and work together moving on a range of specific issues. Rachel Houghton, from the Society for Technical Communication has, I believe, provided us all with an eloquent definition:

“Partnerships are about relationships. The purpose of partnership is to achieve together what we could not achieve alone”

We believe that through a shared effort we can improve all aspects of our service, one that everyone will benefit from, and achieve, better and more sustainable results for all involved. Our aspiration and approach to partnerships at ubu with both those who work within, and those who the organisation serves, is to create a culture of mutual benefit through:

  • Commitment to the success of ubu for the safety and security of employment, development, sustainability and continuous service

  • Consistent improvement and quality of life

  • Openness and honesty

  • Added value in everything we do

  • Standing up and making a difference

Whilst a lot has been written about the benefits of “partnership working” we believe that it is the shared commitment and drive to want to progress together which is the key to continuous improvement.

How successful we are will really hinge on us all. We know times are difficult across all walks of life and that local, national and international political influences are magnifying the strain on everyone. We nevertheless believe that together, building effective communication and relationships will keep us all working well and ensure that everyone is included in forming the direction of our future.

To help us focus and maintain a clear perspective, and to maintain a sense of proportion within a range of specific objectives, we have identified an external consultancy group to work with us collectively. They will be seeking the views and expectations of those employed by, as well as served by, ubu. The consultancy group will be joining us at the beginning of next year having analysed the results of a number of individual and collective team consultation questionnaires.

Let everyone look beyond where we find ourselves today and have hope for an encouraging and positive 2018. We are going to start looking forwards right now, beginning by engaging in our 2017 Christmas festival theme of “Unite @ Christmas”. Whilst striving to work together in partnership to achieve some tough goals in the future, let’s ensure that everyone enjoys life and has fun, united together this Christmas.


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