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Our Silver Jubilee Celebration: 25 Years in Our Own Home

On July 1st 1991, ubu began enabling and supporting a group of people to live together, sharing a beautiful house in a suburb of Leeds. Most of the people we serve who live there now have been together in the house for most of the 25 years since.

“We wanted to mark this anniversary because even though we’re all such different people, that’s been the best part of what makes our home so great. We wanted to share the happiness we’ve had here with our families and friends. It’s been an amazing journey and we all have some amazing memories.”

After a lot of talking, the people we serve decided to hold a Garden Party to celebrate this milestone. There was a lot to organise, do and get ready. “First of all we had to plan some of the things we needed to make it an excellent party.” The ubu enabling team helped to get the jobs that needed doing organised “We were all very excited. We made a list of who we wanted to come and sent out invitations. Some of us made decorations or went shopping. We worked out what food and drink we would need to make our garden party really special. My mum was so pleased that we had even gone out of our way to provide gluten free choices also!”

“Before we knew it the big day arrived!” There was a real buzz of excitement in the air, even though there was still so much to be done. “We wanted to look our best so we had to choose something smart to wear that was comfortable for a long day but also made us feel super confident too.”

The ubu enabling team arrived early to get on with all the jobs that needed doing, like putting up a Gazebo, arranging the garden chairs and tables and helping to get the decorations displayed around the garden. “Meanwhile, inside our house, we got started on getting the buffet meal ready. We all did something to help. There were all sorts of finger foods, delicious sandwiches, tasty burgers, and of course, the best treat of all…cakes!” The cupcakes were especially made for the party, and decorated with flowers and butterflies. “We even had some with the Number 25 on them for our Silver Jubilee of living here!”

“We were so lucky, the Sun came out and soon enough the party was in full swing. Our families, friends and neighbours started to arrive. All the ubu enabling team who support us here, came along too and with the weather so nice and we were all able to enjoy sitting around in our lovely garden and have fun together.”

“It was a great afternoon! We talked about everything that had happened or we had forgotten had happened in the past twenty-five years!” Many of the people who gathered together in this quiet back garden in Leeds commented on how they always feel a real sense of home and community whenever they come. Some of the visitors remarked on the tangible achievements their loved ones had made in finding greater independence. The independent lifestyle the people we serve have established has resulted in a clear sense of involvement and choice; enabling community both here in Leeds and at other ubu supports and their surrounding areas. “We shared all the memories made in those twenty-five years, we told stories and just couldn’t stop laughing. It was a really special day.”

It was clear that lot of effort had been made by everyone involved, making this a true celebration and such a triumph for the people we serve. “We are so proud and happy that this is our home and we had such a special day to remember it on.”

ubu unveiled a ‘Number Plaque’ which was both designed and created by one of the enabling team, and now it’s been put on the wall outside the house. “It’s a special reminder of those of us who have celebrated this first twenty-five years, and those who will be there to celebrate the next!” Follow us @ubusupport


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