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Our Macmillan Coffee Morning

On the morning of the 29th September, many families and businesses around Britain began to decorate their houses and offices in preparation for this year’s Macmillan Coffee Morning.

At ubu we hosted our own Coffee Morning at The Hub and many guests arrived dressed up in their patriotic colours in honour

of our surprise guest, the Queen, but more importantly, to raise money and awareness for those suffering from or living with cancer.

The preparation had been ongoing over the previous weeks; invites

had been produced and sent out, Macmillan had sent us decorations and fundraising equipment to ensure that we were focused on the cause

and our royal theme had meant the place was adorned in red, white and blue.

The cakes were baked and even more came through the door with our guests,the tea and coffee was ready to be supped and the bunting was hanging from the ceiling. Many arrived, donated and donated some more so that no one has to face cancer alone.

Macmillan states that ‘Life with cancer is still life, and we’ll help you live it.’ In Britain alone, there have been 356,860 new cases of Cancer since 2014 so a slice of cake, a whole one or several sold to try and raise money for medical treatment, equipment and support makes all the difference.

Everyone really banded together at the Coffee Morning and showed their support for fundraising. The activities that had been organised had lines of people queueing to have a go; from lucky dip to karaoke to competitions revolving around Bop It. Everyone was involved and donating with enthusiasm, even our special guest the Queen had a fantastic time.

At ubu we believe that positive contribution is an important outcome that we should be striving for, so when a charity like Macmillan makes it as easy as applying online then it’s easy to say yes to assisting those who need our help. This year in total ubu raised £1200 so we are already thinking about next year’s Coffee Morning and how we can beat our fundraising total from this year.


Why not, sit back and read more about some of our great successes.

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