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Our Charity Champions

We constantly hear of the incredible work that people all over the world do in terms of fundraising and charitable work. At ubu, many of the people we enable to live with more independence have taken an interest in this kind of work and have decided to raise both money and awareness for several charities.

In July this year, the country came together to mourn the loss of a young man named Bradley Lowery; who at the age of six passed away from Neuroblastoma. In honour of his memory and his favourite football team, several people we serve in North Tyneside held their own ‘Cancer has no Colour’ day; our enablers and people we serve came together, all wearing their team’s kit or colours and raised money to donate to the Bradley Lowery Foundation. The foundation aims to support families of children who are suffering from terminal illnesses in order to raise money for medical treatment and equipment with additional services for advice and support.

Here are some more charitable activities and events that people have been getting involved in for fundraising. Sponsored walks and runs are a great way to not only raise money for charity but boost your health and wellbeing. Trudy from York took part in a sponsored five kilometre run, along with her enabler and thousands of other people, to help raise money for those suffering with cancer. “It was such a good laugh, everyone was smiling and they ran with their friends!” Not only is Trudy offering positive contribution to Cancer Research, but is also becoming involved in a fun fitness activity where she can meet new people; all trying to make a difference in the lives of many people who suffer from or have experienced cancer.

Mark and Ian from Middlesbrough have been in the process of raising awareness for people who are partially sighted or blind. Mark says, “We held a fundraising event in my home and invited all my friends and family! My enablers supported me to ring businesses in my local area to ask for donations and prizes. They gave so much!” From prizes such as vouchers for a meal out at local restaurants to vouchers for gym memberships. “There was even a signed programme from Middlesbrough football club! It was so generous of them!” All the gifts were raffled or put in a tombola; along with activities such as ‘guess the name of the teddy’ (who’s name was Candy) and ‘guess how many sweets are in the jar’. “We all

made loads of different coloured cupcakes and sold these for a small cost, along with hotdogs! It was a fun and happy day and we raised so much money for our walk!” The charity Royal National Institute of Blind people (RNIB) also sent them a pair of glasses for everyone to try on so that they could experience what it is really like to be partially blind or have impaired vision. Ian and Mark walked from Saltburn to Redcar recently and have raised so much money to donate to the cause. Such effort and energy went into both organising the event and then walking for fourteen kilometres! “We are so proud of our achievements and everyone who got involved, the walk was tiring but so worth it.”

Niall from Middlesbrough has been volunteering with the British Heart Foundation store near him for a while and when it closed down this really saddened him. “I was so disappointed and downhearted, but I wasn’t going to let that stop me!” Niall was determined to continue volunteering for the charity. “I contacted every store I could, even the stores in Leeds! Finally I got an answer, there was another store near me I could volunteer at!” Niall has raised nearly over £1000 for the British Heart Foundation and has even been nominated for a national award and he won! “I love chatting to the people in the shop whilst I sell badges, I hope this makes a real difference to the community and to other people’s lives! My mum and dad are really proud of me but now I want to start working towards doing a marathon to raise money for the charity!” Niall’s dedication to fundraising has positively contributed to the charity and to his own life. This enables him to learn more about economic wellbeing and apply it to his brand new volunteering venture at the British Heart Foundation.

The incredible contribution that these fundraisers have made to assisting charities has helped not only the people they are raising money for but also themselves in gaining personal growth and experience. They are thriving with their new active lifestyles, exploring new opportunities within the community and meeting new people who are also keen to invest in fundraising and helping transform people lives.

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