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Obstacles don’t have to stop you

Hello everyone, I wanted to share with you something that I am very proud to have accomplished recently.

If you had asked me a few years ago, whether going out shopping was a big achievement I may probably have said not really, it was something that I did all the time and enjoyed doing.

I have recently returned home from hospital after spending many months trying to overcome, complex and challenging health problems. Just to be able to return home was an achievement, I needed some adaptations and specialised equipment to do this, and my enabling team have worked with my health professionals to make sure that everything was in place or on order and everyone was ready for my return.

Despite my challenging health needs, I am a very determined and independent lady.

Being home is great but I also wanted to be able to go out into the local community once again, I had not done this for many months. Now this objective was a little more challenging, to be able to go out I would need portable equipment to support my health, a wheelchair to use whilst out and a few tweaks to get in and out of my house safely.

Arrangements were made and everything put into place, I was very excited when the time came to be able to use my support and go out into the local community; I chose to go to Primark in town for some well-deserved retail therapy, I have always loved shopping, it makes me feel good.

After so long in hospital, it felt invigorating to finally be able to go out, meet people and do something I had took for granted.

Despite my challenging health issues, my support team have sought solutions to overcome any obstacles and support my wishes and goals to become a reality.  I enjoyed immensely my first trip out into town after so long and have since been a few more times, I enjoyed it so much.

Everyone is amazed at how well I am doing, my unwavering resilience, determination of independence and my happy positivity.

If you really want to accomplish something, despite presented obstacles, find solutions, you can achieve it with a strong will and determination!



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