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Nothings gonna stop me now!

Hi! My name is Rebecca.

I have very limited mobility and rely on a wheelchair to get out and about. My physical health has declined over the years and it has changed the way that I do things. You see, I have a condition that effects my posture. It means that using a standard wheelchair isn’t possible as it wouldn’t meet my changing needs.

I needed to find the right wheelchair for me and so I was able to have a full re-assessment to better understand what sort of wheelchair would work for me. We decided that I would need a specialised wheelchair and we placed an order. I was able to put an order in, thinking that my quest for a new wheelchair would end here – but it turned out to be only the start! My specialised wheelchair was very bulky, which also made it heavy. It was too hard to push over long distances and that would mean an end to my long walks out and about. It’s these walks that make me really happy so we needed to work out how we could get around with a little bit more ease.

With the help of my enabling team, we had a catch up with the Occupational Therapist. I was determined that no obstacle would be too large to overcome and my team was more than happy to support me. As it happens, we had quite a few issues to take care of!

The first problem that we had to overcome was cost. Having a good set of wheels is not cheap, so my enabling team needed to make sure that there would be enough money to pay for a battery power pack. Without knowing what sort of costs were involved, we couldn’t make a decision and so we set about finding out the different costs and reviewing my budget plan.

Good news! The battery power pack was affordable. We’d taken care of one of the problems but there was more trouble on the horizon. While I could afford the battery power pack, I couldn’t source one! Working as a great team, my enablers and I put a lot of effort into getting a hold of the power pack. It took a little time, but they didn’t give up.

I felt like I was ordering a brand-new Ferrari. Months passed by without a power pack - there was a delay in the delivery – however, my enabling team kept on the case with the supplier and they’d remind everyone how important this was.

Finally, at the end of June this year, my power pack was delivered. Hooray!!!!

So, forget the Ferrari! I’ve got a super green machine. With my environmentally friendly battery powered wheelchair, I’m out and about at least two or three times every day!

I love it and can’t stop smiling from ear to ear. Everyone has noticed what a big difference my new wheelchair has made to me. In the words of a famous song, “Nothings gonna stop me now!”


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