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Ninth Day of ubu Christmas: Our Best Christmas Jumper Competition

In the United Kingdom, Christmas jumpers became popular during the 1980s after a variety of television presenters such as Giles Brandreth and Timmy Mallett began wearing them during the Christmas holidays.

Nowadays, you can pretty much guarantee everyone at least owns one Christmas jumper. We buy them for ourselves for parties and Christmas events from high street shops. Sometimes we get given them as presents on Christmas Day. Either way the humble (and sometimes sparkling) Christmas jumper is a ‘must have’ item of seasonal clothing.

We had some great entries from the ubu supports in all the areas served by ubu. People we serve obviously have a keen sense of stylish and fun Christmas attire. Feast your eyes on some of the amazing photographs that people we serve have sent in wearing their festive jumpers.

As with all our competitions we have struggled to pick a winner and so today we had to pick not one winner but two!! Richard and Anthony who live in a shared house together, enabled and supported by ubu in Trafford, picked two fabulous Christmas jumpers to enter in the competition.


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Why not, sit back and read more about some of our great successes.

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